Cricket Pest Control

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Crickets, which are related to cockroaches, are considered pests because they may ruin some materials, including linens, rayon, and furs. They also attack paper, certain edibles, and even rubber. Crickets are omnivores and will consume or drink practically anything. They often stay concealed during the day and are only active at night. They may eat through or damage silk, wool, paper, fruits, and vegetables.Adults have a length of roughly 3/4 inch, three dark bands on the head, long, thin antennae, and a body hue that is somewhat yellowish-brown. The house cricket inhabits the outdoors but occasionally enters homes in large numbers. Often seen inside homes are field crickets and house crickets. Mole crickets and camel crickets can also be a problem indoors, especially in basements that are damp, gloomy, and partially covered with soil.

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