Wasps Pest Control

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There are two types of wasp species: social and solitary. Colonies of social wasps, some of which number thousands, exist. A wasp is a tiny, wingless, stinging insect that flies. Two sets of its wings, which are folded when it rests, are present. It has kidney-shaped eyes. Social wasps and bees both often live in colonies with queens and workers, but they differ in appearance and behavior. All tasks within the nest are carried out by female workers in these colonies. Solitary wasps have no colonies since they live alone.

The queen is significantly bigger than her subjects. Several approaches to dealing with each of these insects, depending on which one is encountered, emit a definite buzzing sound. While some wasps are parasitic, others are predatory. While parasitic wasps often lay their eggs in the bodies of living things like caterpillars or spiders, predatory wasps kill and consume other insects. Certain wasp species are aggressive and may sting when provoked. Wasps, as opposed to honey bees, frequently have the ability to sting many times.
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