Anti Termite Treatment Pre-construction

Anti-termite treatment before construction is a preventive measure taken to protect a building from termite infestation. This treatment is carried out at the foundation level before the construction of the building starts.

The following are some common anti-termite treatments used in pre-construction:

  • 1. Chemical Barrier Treatment: In this treatment, a chemical solution is sprayed on the soil before the foundation is laid. The chemical creates a barrier that repels termites and prevents them from entering the building.

  • 2. Baiting System: This treatment involves the installation of bait stations in the soil around the building. The bait contains a slow-acting poison that the termites carry back to their colonies, thus killing them.

  • 3. Wood Preservative Treatment: In this treatment, the wood used in construction is treated with a preservative that repels termites.

  • 4. Physical Barrier Treatment: This treatment involves creating a physical barrier around the building using materials like stainless steel mesh, crushed stones, or sand.

It is important to note that anti-termite treatment before construction is more effective than treatment after construction. Therefore, it is recommended that this treatment be carried out during the pre-construction stage to ensure long-term protection against termite infestation.